Prophetic information from Elementals & EnTs
Through a Human Conduit

Natural Disaster    Manmade Disaster 
Volcano             Virus release/outbreak
Earthquakes         Contamination – food, water, medicine
Tsunami             Poisonous vaccinations
Cyclones            War intention
Tidal Surge         Sabotage intention
Flood               Parasite Release

With Disaster Management and/or Prevention Solutions
The warning danger and solution information is from Elementals and EnTs, through a variety of Communing Methods - ​​it is not an individuals opinion, theory or intuition​​. The person posting is a much loved conduit, for Elemental & EnT guardians to share truth and solutions with humanity for rectification.
No one person receives all the information, it is always a group effort.
Your Elemental Guides imput is a crucial aspect of this service.
Subscribing is necessary for service involvement.
When a potential disaster is posted, subscribers are notified of the post by email. Upon reading, and sitting quietly, one will receive more information on the impending disaster, to be added to the original post, thereby building upon the original information and the solutions involved.